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March 1, 2023 Culinary Nutrition and Cooking with your Spouse/Partner

It has been proven that cooking with your spouse or partner can strengthen your relationships significantly. The idea of even just accompanying the other person in the kitchen while one is cooking, can impact your relationship and build your communication skills in an amazing way.

Benefits Of Cooking Together

There are many benefits and ways that cooking together can help to strengthen you and your spouse or partners relationship in the long run.

Completing Tasks

One of the first ways is that it is a singular task that you can accomplish together. Most of the time, a couple may have their own tasks and duties to complete by themselves on the daily such as work, errands, or chores. However, cooking is a great way to complete a task together as a team.

Learning To Work Together

The next way is that cooking together can allow you to learn to work together and cooperate throughout the whole process. The course itself of picking out your recipe, grocery shopping for the meal, and preparing and cooking for the meal, is all key to better communication.

Pre-Planned Cooking Nights

You can have a set day or multiple days each week where you have a pre-planned cooking night. This can entail you and your partner picking out different types of recipes of foods you both enjoy or want to experiment with. You can then plan out your grocery lists and trips, and find time to go to the store together and purchase your items. These are all great ways to plan out ahead, stay organized, and again work together as a team. On the nights where you are preparing and cooking for the meal itself, you can make it a fun activity to look forward to. Putting on your favorite music or sharing your favorite beverage while cooking the meal can make it even more enjoyable! After the task is complete, sitting down with your spouse or partner and enjoying that meal that you spent time on and cooked together, is the best part of it all.

Deep And Meaningful Conversation

Another great benefit to cooking together is that it can create time for deep and meaningful conversations. This can be the time where you get away from friends, kids, or any other distractions. The couple cooking alone in the kitchen can create a great environment where they know it is just them two, and they are able to relax and talk with each other. Although we all live some busy lives, this may be a great opportunity and time to have for just the two of you.


All in all, cooking a meal together as a couple whether it is just one or multiple nights a week, will help to develop stronger communication skills in the relationship.

It is also a known fact that couples who share an activity or hobby together will have a stronger relationship in the long run. Since eating is an obvious necessity in our everyday lives, why not make cooking that sharable hobby you can enjoy with your partner!

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Author: Natalie Braslau

Editors: Keith & Kat Demps

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