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Meet the Authors

Keith Demps, of Orlando, FL, is co-founder of KLD Consulting, which specializes in self-care caregiver wellness.  He is co-creator of the D.E.M.P.S. caregiver wellness roadmap. Keith is a nationally certified, American Caregiver Association (ACA) and American Heart Association CPR certified, caregiver wellness strategists. He is also a licensed minister. Keith is married to his wife, Katandria (Kat) L. Demps.


Kat Demps is married to her husband, Keith Demps and co-founder of KLD Consulting.  She is a multi-lingual, nationally certified speech-language pathologist, linguist, certified autism specialist, certified public health researcher and certified in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation, ACA advanced national caregiving and assisted living. Kat is founder and director of Dr. Love’s Healthcare®,501(c)3, K&K Services and Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, PLLC.

Keith and Kat share their love and passion for service through cooking, traveling and the Word of God.

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