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C   king to Heal

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Here’s what they’re saying

"We LOVE that this cookbook brings together all the things we love... marriage, good food, and scripture! As husband and wife, we enjoy cooking together but we don't get to do it as often as we'd like. Having a cookbook that not only encourages healthy eating but also pushes us to have meaningful conversations is a win-win!"

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Mr. & Mrs. Christian & Lyneesha Johnson

A Christian couple’s recipe devotional journal on how the power of food can bring love and healing by Mr. KL & Mrs. KL Demps.

There is such a saying, let food be thy medicine. However, the hand that prepares the food and blesses it is what brings healing. Please enjoy this recipe book and devotional journal opportunity with your spouse. It reflects the good times such as when we first met and the bad such as loss of a loved one. This our love story. Food is the common denominator that brings us and the Lord that keeps us together.

Spiritual devotion through natural food.

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KLD Consulting has a single mission: improve Christian Couples' spiritual intimacy, nutritional health and wealth through recipes, devotional journals, and personal development consultation.

KLD Consulting cherishes being able to assist in creating healthy and lasting marriages. To learn more about enriching marriages for optimal prosperity and health, please visit us at our website.

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